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How To Negotiate the Sale Price of a Home In Texas

January 27, 2022 | By Reef Merhi

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Owning a home is exciting, especially when it’s your first home! However, to ensure that you are making a good investment and getting the best price possible, first-time homebuyers can benefit from understanding how to negotiate the sale price. 

We’re sure you have plenty of questions about the home buying process, and we’re here to help! While negotiating can be difficult in a seller's market, our team from one of the best mortgage companies Texas offers has a few tips that can help you negotiate the sale price and get a great deal.

Determine Market Value

One of the most effective tools you can use to negotiate the sale price of a home is to determine the market value of the property. Reviewing sales comps with your real estate agent and loan officers can help you value the property and position yourself to negotiate. If it appears that your target home is overpriced, you can provide the seller with the comps as evidence to help validate the market price and support your reasonable offer that’s in line with recent comps. If they have this data, they may accept a reduced price for the home.

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Work With a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Partnering with a reputable real estate agent can help you understand the process of making an offer and negotiating for a house you have your eye on. Agents understand the market and work within your budget when creating an offer letter for sellers. If the seller doesn’t accept your offer, the right agent also knows how to negotiate with the seller’s agent to help you land on the ideal price for the home. 

Be Reasonable With Your First Offer

Your real estate agent and a mortgage broker will help you stay within your budget when looking for your first house. However, while it’s important not to overpay for your home, it’s also critical not to “lowball” offers that sellers won’t take seriously. 

Unreasonable offers that are too low could be insulting and frustrating for the seller. In these situations, they are more likely to outright refuse your offer without making a counteroffer. For your best shot at winning a bidding war, work with your agent to put forth a reasonable offer that can encourage the seller to meet you somewhere in the middle.

Show that You are Preapproved 

During the negotiation process, sellers look for buyers with mortgage preapproval. Showing that you have the financial capacity to purchase the property is very important when bidding and working with sellers to get a contract on a home. 

One of the ways that you can do this is by showing that you have preapproval from mortgage companies Texas residents trust. A preapproval letter from Texas United gives sellers the confidence that you will be able to close on the home when the time comes. Whether you’re approved for FHA loans, conventional mortgages, and other options that can help ensure you can purchase the home, going through the approval process before making an offer can help you stand out from other buyers!

Focus on Other Areas in the Contract

While the price of the home is very important, there are other ways that you can save money and negotiate when purchasing a home. Your agent can work with the seller to have them cover some or all of the closing costs, including furniture or appliances that are already in the home or provide you with a home warranty for a period of time. Ultimately, this can reduce the total amount of money you need to spend when buying the home and help sellers accept your offer.

Do Your Due Diligence

Foregoing a property inspection can leave you with a home that has significant (and costly) issues if the sellers accept your offer. Have the house thoroughly inspected to make sure your offer supports that value of the home in excellent condition. If the home inspection shows past due repair needs, take the opportunity to negotiate with the seller to have the repairs completed or receive a credit at the close.

Walk Away (If Necessary)

Even if it seems like the home of your dreams, be prepared to walk away if negotiations don’t work in your favor. Savvy home buyers shouldn’t settle for a home priced outside their budget. Instead, listen to your Houston mortgage lenders and real estate agent to know it’s time to move on to another house and a better negotiation situation.


Prepare to Negotiate With Mortgage Preapproval

The best mortgage companies in Houston help first-time homebuyers understand the true costs of homeownership and navigate the preapproval process. Purchasing your first home can be a lengthy and frustrating process, but we hope these negotiation tips help make the experience better for you!  If you have more questions about conventional loans, VA loans, USDA loans, or are ready to start the preapproval process, don't hesitate to contact our team at Texas United Mortgage!

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