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Texas Conventional Loan

One of the most popular types of loans, the Texas Conventional Loan is a great choice for many homebuyers

Homebuyers in Texas can apply for a Texas conventional loan to purchase the house they always dreamed of.

A conventional Texas mortgage can be a great option for buyers who have excellent credit and ample savings. If you are financially stable, a conventional loan may be the most economic mortgage option.

If you want to purchase a home this year, you may be able to qualify for a Texas conventional loan. Here’s what you need to know about applying and qualifying for a Houston conventional loan in 2023.

What is a Conventional Loan?

A conventional loan is the most common type of mortgage loan, and it is not backed by a government agency

If you are applying for a conventional Texas mortgage, you will have to meet the requirements dictated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Conventional loans are best for those with good credit and a low debt-to-income ratio.

Your Guide to Houston Conventional Loans

Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or looking to take on a second mortgage, you may be able to qualify for a Texas conventional loan if you have outstanding credit and a sizable savings account.

Traditional mortgages have rigourous standards and are harder to qualify for because your lender is at risk if you default on your loan. Th However, you will have more flexibility as the buyer when you purchase a home with a conventional mortgage


While conventional loans come with more rigorous standards than most government-backed loans, they offer several unique benefits that make them a good mortgage option for first-time homebuyers. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to take on a conventional mortgage.

For many borrowers, these features make conventional loans the best choice, even though the requirements are stricter.

  • You can avoid purchasing private mortgage insurance
  • You can select a term length that works for you
  • Loans are processed quickly
  • Flexible down payment

Conventional Loan Requirements in 2024

At minimum, you will need a 620 credit score to qualify for a conventional mortgage. However, it’s best to raise your credit score to at least 740 so you can lock in the best rate.

The general rule of thumb for conventional loan down payments is 20%, but you can put down as little as 3%.

Your down payment requirement and rate will depend on your lender and your credit history.

You will have to cover appraisal and origination costs and pay mortgage insurance if your down payment is less than 20%.

In order to qualify for a conventional loan, you will have to provide proof of income and employment, authorize your lender to run a credit report, and provide proof of assets and your down payment information.

What Are The Limits On Texas Conventional Loans In 2024?

Conventional loans can be conforming or nonconforming. Conforming loans are the most common type of conventional loan.

Conforming Conventional Loans

  • The loan limit for the continental United States for single family homes is $766,550 for 2024.
  • Limits for conventional loans are set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • This limit applies to single-family homes and may be higher in expensive areas.

Nonconforming Conventional Loans

  • Nonconforming loans, also known as jumbo loans, are available for buyers who need to borrow more than the guidelines allow.
  • Another type of nonconforming loan is available for borrowers with bad credit, excessive debt, and less-than-perfect financial history.
  • They are extremely risky for lenders, so expect to pay a high interest rate if you take out a nonconforming loan.

Comparing Conventional Loans to Non-Traditional Loans

Conventional mortgages offer flexibility and low rates that borrowers might not get if they take out a government-insured loan.

If you have great credit, a large down payment, and are financially stable, you will save money on interest by selecting a conventional loan.

Most lenders offer FHA, VA, and conventional loans. Conventional loans are less risky for them, so you are going to get a better deal if you can meet or exceed the requirements.

If you have the financial ability to take out a conventional loan, it’s best to leave government-insured mortgages alone. Avoid high interest rates and pricey mortgage insurance by opting for a conventional loan.