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How and Where to Buy a House in Texas

September 7, 2023 | By David Webber

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Texas has been one of the most consistent housing markets in the country - maintaining good prices for sellers without being off-the-charts unaffordable for new home buyers. But where is the BEST place to buy a home in Texas this year? And how do you buy in a competitive market?

Based on various factors, including property values and taxes, the top areas to buy a home in Texas include Cottonwood Creek South, Arapaho, Lakeside City, Fulshear, Canyon Creek South, Heights Park, Shady Hollow, Red Lick, Woodway, and Timberbrook.

What to Know to Buy a Home in a Competitive Market

Recessions can sometimes deter buyers, but this doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad time to buy. In fact, a recession can be a good time to buy, especially for those who can afford it. Buyers can often secure better deals when rates go up, and demand slows.

Pros of Buying During a Recession:

  • Less Competition: Fewer buyers in the market mean less competition for available homes.
  • Lower Prices: Reduced demand can lead to lower home prices.
  • Lower Rates: The Fed's rate-lowering efforts may result in more favorable mortgage rates.

Cons of Buying During a Recession:

  • Stricter Lending Requirements: Lenders may impose stricter mortgage requirements to mitigate risks.
  • Fewer Options: Reduced competition may lead some sellers to withdraw their homes from the market.
  • Economic Uncertainty: Job losses and financial instability during a recession can make liquidity important, which may not align with real estate investments.

Get Qualified for a Mortgage

If you’re considering buying a home during a recession, it's crucial to remain financially stable. Consulting with an experienced local Texas mortgage lender and real estate agent can provide valuable insights and help navigate the market effectively, ensuring you make informed decisions during these unique economic conditions. Get started by reaching out to Texas United Mortgage today

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